1881 CENSUS - Lancashire - St Helens

Relevant entries for the Roe and associated Families
(My annotations shown in italics)


RG 11/3732 Folio 28 page 4
Sched No 41 Cooper Street, St Helens
WhittleEdwardHeadM43Labr - Plate Glass WorksLancs - St HelensMy 2x Greatgrandfather
WhittleAliceWifeM40Lancs - St HelensMy 2x Greatgrandmother
WhittleFrederickSon20Labr - Plate Glass WorksLancs - St Helens
WhittleBenjaminSon18Labr - Plate Glass WorksLancs - St Helens
WhittleMgtDau16Smoother - Plate Glass WorksLancs - St Helens
WhittleEdwardSon14Grocers AssistantLancs - St Helens
WhittleWilliamSon12ScholarLancs - St HelensMy Greatgrandfather
WhittleMaryDau9ScholarLancs - St Helens
WhittleThosSon6ScholarLancs - St Helens
WhittleAlice ADau6 moLancs - St Helens
WhittleChasSon6 moLancs - St Helens

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