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From this photo, 3 other photos are possibly identified:
Book1_14 - Margaret Russell, wife of James Joseph Roe
Book1_15 - James Roe, son of James Joseph Roe
Book1_31 - James Roe, son of James Joseph Roe

November 2006 - I have just received from another family relative - Bettie Arnold (nee Fenwick), photocopies of 2 receipts for monies donated by Mrs Robert Wilson (Mary Stanger b 1804) for the building of the new Catholic Infant School in Whitby in 1880. Bettie is another descendant of Martin & Elizabeth Roe, through their eldest daughter Marie Jane Roe - Bettie was also Christine Warhaugh's aunt. Christine was the source of the Victorian Photographs. Quite a loop! For the moment I have put a transcript of the receipts in the  Wills section, as the source of the money was from Robert Wilson's will.

Hot off the press for October 2006 is a collection of Photographs, in 2 old albums, of the Roe family, relatives and acquaintances. These were in the possession of my third cousin - Christine Wardhaugh - who passed away in early 2005. By kind permission of her husband - Andrew - who has loaned them to me, I have scanned all the photographs - nearly 100 - and they are now available to view on this web site. The photos are mainly Victorian era and I would estimate they date from ~1870 to ~ 1920. Most of the people in them are not identified and I would appreciate any help in identifying any of them. Where known I have included details of the photographer and his location - this has already enabled me to potentially identify some people. These photographs can be viewed through the link Photo Gallery Special Victorian Photos. Just click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

As a follow-up to these photographs, I have researched a little of the ancestry of some of the photographers who took the photographs - have a look at the
Odds & Ends section.

Hot off the press for August 2006 is the news that, with the help of The Whitby Group, I have finally after some 10 years cracked the mystery of the origin of Thomas Readshaw Robinson. As I suspected for a long time, he turns out to be a child of Elizabeth Readshaw - but an illegitimate child, born in 1800 in Whitby, 2 years before Elizabeth became the 2nd wife of William Stanger.

Have a look at the Unanswered Questions page for the full story

On the research side, a number of contacts I have made recently February 2006 through the Genes Reunited web site, have enabled me to extend my research to my maternal ancestry - some of this data is now being uploaded into the "Family Trees" section.

In November 2005, having read some more about cascading style sheets (CSS), I started to re-design the layout using CSS to minimise the use of tables/frames and hopefully make navigation and overall impression better. The more extensive use of CSS also  makes it easier/quicker to make adjustments to the site. I tested a preliminary version of the re-designed site with a few colleagues and they liked what they saw, so the full re-design is currently in progress. I hope to make it live in September 2006. Work on the Photograph collection - see below - has delayed this for another month or so.

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